2002 Bay Area Classic
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The BAC is back again for the 5th year. In past years the BAC has been the place where Freehand and Spin Top freestyles
have been
introduced.Who knows what will happen this year!

May 4, 2002 at Talbots Toyland in San Mateo California
Ladder trick lists for yo yo and spin top can be found by clicking the "About" link.You can also find important travel info.

Pre- Qualified Players for A ,AA, and Spintop divisions
This year I have changed the pre-qualification requirements.Only the top players from the 2001 contests will be pre-qualified. Please check the "What's New" link for more info.
contact Dave Bazan:

Thanks to Talbots Toyland,Pepsi,Spintastics,Duncan,Yomega,What's Next,,Heelys